Agents Extraordinary: Empire

A daredevil death-wish dervish. A punk Ph.D pugilist. Secret agents for Her Majesty's Government, fighting bad science, thwarting rogue ideas, and solving bizarre crimes in the name of Queen and Country. They've survived deadly pigeons, murderous mimes, killer robots, and a lunatic cyborg bigot with a nuclear arsenal. But now they face something bigger, badder, and much, much older... and if the Empire of Crime doesn't tear them apart, they may just do the job themselves.
Agents Extraordinary is just like a comic book, except for the part where someone draws it. And colors it. And letters it. If you'd like to do any of those things, contact [nathan AT huah DOT net].
The Branch
The most secret of Her Majesty's secret services.
Parry Lord
An Anglo-Indian billionaire whose elegant suits and quick wits conceal a delicate, tightly wound psyche.
Dr. Celia Chance
A brilliant mathematician with near-zero social skills and a penchant for fisticuffs.
Mrs. Regina King
Cool, unflappable, and formidable, she's the "bad cop" of Branch leadership.
Desmond Queen
Oxford economics major, gangland boss, secret agent ... and now, Branch co-section chief.
Malcolm Amebe
A Sudanese refugee turned teenage gadget whiz.
Portia Longley
The Branch's brave, resourceful, incorrigibly chatty intern.
Sharon Price
Ex-U.S. Army CID, now a reluctant expatriate.
Charles King
Cheery, eccentric, the new forensic pathologist -- and Mrs. King's nephew.
Sometimes, the best early warning system is a strange little girl with a box of crayons.
The MacDougal Bros.
Doctors Danny and Donny, Glasgow's finest forensic tag team and geeks par excellence, R.I.P.
Colin Mulwray
Lord's ex-partner, left comatose after a ghastly surgical brainwashing, now kidnapped from his hospital bed...
The Red Queen
A deranged and deadly assassin with startling ties to Lord.
Agents Extraordinary is copyright 2005-2007 Nathan Alderman. Fonts from Polenimschaufenster, Chank!, and Nick's Fonts. Imagery from Vbrush,, and Engravings adapted from the work of S. Paget and Sir John Tenniel.